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Wearing Accessories Without a Tie

We’ve been inspired by a recent comment to touch on the subject of the Invisible Tie. We were asked, “Can you go sans tie, but still wear a lapel flower and pocket square?”

Our answer? 100% YES!

In fact, this dapper look is one of our favorite relaxed looks without dressing too casually. The look can also be played with, wearing no tie while just a lapel flower or just a pocket square.

Styling Without a Tie

There are two ways we suggest to dress sharp without a tie. The first is to wear an invisible tie, while the second is to undo some buttons.

Invisible Tie

The invisible tie is similar to someone playing an air guitar. Before, going tie-less was typically used to denote a bohemian style of a white collar worker who has thrown out the norms. But it could also be a poet, artist or someone defying convention.

Today, a tie-free styles on trend. It shows you know how to dress up in a suit but you’re not too stuffy or rigid (not that wearing a tie means these things!).

Man Wearing Tie and Invisible Tie

To pull off an invisible tie, your button up shirt should be buttoned all the way to the top collar button. This should be exactly how your wear a tie but this time you’re not! Too add some extra interest to this look, you’ll need a shirt that has some extra oomph, particularly if you’re wearing a simple suit. We highly recommend wearing either a crisp white shirt, or a great patterned shirt for this look.

To top off the look and add some interest into the jacket, we recommend wearing a lapel pin, pocket square, or both together. This will help draw the eye back up and frame the chest and head.

The invisible tie is appropriate in most situations when paired with the right suit and accessories. The tie exudes a casual, confident look. It shows off your dapper yet down to earth style. Even Harry Styes wears an invisible tie when he’s out, although he typically opts for the next look.

No Tie – Casual

We don’t really have a name for this next no-tie style. Since a true invisible tie has your shirt buttoned all the way up, we can call this invisible tie part 2 or no tie – casual. To recreate this look at home, take your button up shirt and unbutton the top 1-2 buttons. How many you end up undoing is completely up to you and your own style and comfort – although we don’t suggest more than 2 undone unless you’re chilling at the beach and ready to show some skin.

Man with 1 and 2 buttons undone on shirt

Just like the Invisible Tie, this style can be worn with lapel pins and pocket squares, or can be worn alone. The V created by the buttons being undone helps fame your face while the accessories create a flow to always bring people back upwards.

Wearing a shirt unbuttoned is definitely a much more causal style so we do suggest being mindful of your event schedule before rocking this style. This can be a great look for after work dates, weekend getaways or (depending on your office) casual Friday.

No matter how you decide to wear your button up, it is a must have shirt in your wardrobe. A plain white, blue and a few patterns are your basics you should have. This will allow you to create many versatile looks and the patterns will allow you to play with the style even more.

BespokeUnit and Benson & Clegg both sport No Ties in different ways

BespokeUnit and Benson & Clegg both sport No Ties in different ways

Have you worn an invisible tie with accessories recently? Share your wear in our comments or tag us on Instagram: @dapperlapel & #dapperlapel!

Happy styling!

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