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Wearing Accessories: Green

Men Wearing Green in Accessories and clothing

Men Wearing Green in Accessories and clothingShow Off Some Color

Getting dressed up doesn’t mean you have to stick to the norms and wear a white shirt, blue tie, navy suit and black shoes.  We encourage you to dress up your looks and show off some color.  The easiest way to add color into a simple wardrobe without having to spend a lot of money is in your accessories.  Green is a simple color, that is reminiscent of money and wealth, so why not incorporate more of it into your wardrobe? Here we will feature a few different types of accessories for you to wear to show off some green!

Types of Accessories

Tegan Lapel Flowers

One of the easiest and simplest of ways to add green into your work, or everyday, wardrobe is to wear a green lapel flower.  These small green accessories will really stand out against a jacket.  There are also so many different variations of greens that you can find one to fit any occasion.  The color of the lapel flower can also pull out the same or similar color in another accessory, such as your tie or even pocket square.  The Tegan collection is between a small and a large lapel pin, making it more on the bold side.  The fabric has a slight sheen to it, which catches the light nicely and can reflect more colors.

Emilia Cufflinks

assortment of green accessoriesA very subtle way to add color is in your cufflinks.  They are a little harder for people to notice but are sure to catch their eye!  A bright flash of green against a striking white shirt will definitely get people looking.  Just like with lapel flowers, you can find cufflinks in a variety of styles, sizes and variations of green.  Our green Emilia collection cufflinks come in multiple shades and finishes.  You’ll be able to find the perfect green suitable for your wardrobe and style.


What is easier than wearing a green tie! Now you don’t want to go too bright, as you could end up looking like a Leprechaun rather than a dapper gent.  We suggest sticking to the darker greens or finding ties that have some sort of green pattern or design so you are able to play the colors off of each other and other accessories.  One of our favorite green ties is our solid Hunter Green.  The color is dark and masculine yet has the slight sheen of the fabric to lighten it up.  This tie can be worn every day or even to special events like a wedding!

Pocket Squares

Another easy way to bring some green into your wardrobe is a great pocket square.  Our blue and green paisley square is the perfect balance of green to blue.  This pocket square can be paired with both green or blue accessories or you can get creative with it and have it complement pinks and purples.

Green is such a versatile color with many different hues.  It can be paired with yellows, blues, pinks, reds and everything in-between.  If you’re cautious to wearing green or you don’t think you can match things, just play around with it.  Staying simple and wearing green with white is a classic way to start wearing it in your wardrobe.  What ways do you like to wear green?  Let us know!  We’re always looking for new ways to wear colors and make them pop against wardrobes!

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