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How To Wear A Tie Bar

Correct Tie Bar Placement

A tie bar is a great accessory that can really change the overall impression of your look, and keep it pulled together. Tie bars are meant to keep the tie securely to the shirt.  This means that it needs to be secured through the buttons on the placket of your shirt.

Correct Tie Bar Placement

How To Wear A Tie Bar

If you don’t secure your tie to your shirt, the tie bar will weigh it down and make it move around even more.  The real purpose of the tie bar is to help keep your tie out of your food or from blowing up in the air.

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4 Step Process

Step 1: Holding your tie to your shirt, feel the buttons starting at the top and slide down to the 4th button

Step 2: Slide the tie bar over the tie and into the shirt between the 3rd and 4th button

Step 3: Check your work; make sure your tie bar is straight and attached to the shirt

Step 4: Admire!

If your jacket stance is slightly higher, you can wear the tie bar higher as well.  It should always be seen when wearing a jacket.

Don’t wear you tie bar close to your neck or tie knot, or down near your trousers and tip of the tie.  Neither of these ways will look appealing or help keep your tie in place.

Don’t opt to tape the shorter end of the tie to the front to keep them together. Your tie bar will hold both pieces together and keep them against your shirt. (We’re looking at you President Trump)

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Make sure it is still attached to your shirt to avoid it just flopping around.  Some shorter tie bars may need to be adjusted throughout the day to keep them in place.

Correct Sizing

When  picking out the perfect tie bar to wear with your look, make sure it is not larger than the tie itself! The sizing should be slightly smaller than the width of the tie or smaller.  If it extends over the edge, it doesn’t give off the polished, “I know how to dress well,” look you’re going for.  If your tie bar is on the short side, just make sure it still can clasp to both the shirt and to the tie while not distorting the look of the tie.

Fit tie bar to the tie

When To Wear A Tie Bar

Tie bars are acceptable to wear in almost any situation, whether you’re dressed down for the office or dressed up in your best suit. While not overly encouraged, you can wear a tie bar when you’re not wearing a jacket.  This is going to be much less formal and some people will call it a fashion faux pas.  We do suggest always wearing a jacket when you wear a tie bar.

No Tie Bar Required

We really wanted to emphasize this part: when to not wear a tie bar.  Never, ever, wear a tie bar when wearing a waistcoat, vest, or sweater.  They do not belong! The waistcoat or sweater is already holding your tie in place, adding a tie bar to show style ends up being a double negative and in fact, makes the outfit go down a few notches.

No tie bar required with a vest

Again, do not wear a tie bar above the “V” that the sweater or vest makes.

Now, we’re going to contradict ourselves with this next statement, but it is only for extreme situations. Sometimes, when you’re wearing a waistcoat, your tie may end up folding funny or isn’t laying flat like it should.  You can wear a tie bar, but only if it is never seen.  It should still fall around the 4th button, but can be lower to accommodate the “V” of the vest. If you need to wear a tie bar to keep your tie in place, don’t let it pop up and be seen!

Get Fun With It!

Tie bars come in all different shapes, sizes and designs. So why not find one that speaks to you? We suggest everyone having at least one solid, or plain, silver tie bar.  This is going to be the most versatile and can be worn anywhere and you won’t have to worry about it being appropriate.  Tie bars that relate to a hobby are also fun. There are many vintage options that have golf or car related motifs, we’ve also seen a vintage fire hydrant on one! Keep your eye out too, we’re occasionally finding vintage tie bars and listing them for sale!

Vintage and Colorful Tie Bars

At Dapper Lapel we have an assortment of more simple tie bars for any situation. If you’re looking for anything in particular or a large order, just contact us!

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