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Ways For Men To Wear: Pink

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, it is always a good time to start thinking of ways to incorporate pink into your wardrobe.  This beautiful color is not just for the holiday; it can, and should, be worn year round.  Pink is not just for the ladies!  In the past few years, we have seen an influx of the color in wardrobe choices for everyone, male or female.  If you’re already wearing pink, this article will hopefully give you new ideas so you can build upon your style.  If you’re still on the fence about the color, this article will show you ways to wear it without going too crazy.

Small Accents

The best way to start wearing pink, or expand upon current fashions, is to start small and subtle.  First time wearers should build some pink confidence before wearing fuchsia or hot pink.  Soft pinks will be easier to wear while still dabbling in this hue.  Subtle accents such as a small polka dot or striping can go a long way.  Smaller accessories can also be the perfect size and way to wear pink tones.

NeckwearPink Tie Options

If you’re not comfortable venturing to full pink ties or bow ties, remember to start small.  Utilize the polka dot or stripes.  If you prefer a different pattern, experiment with a pinwheel design on a tie.  This design is a modern spin on the classic dogstooth or houndstooth patterns.  When you’re ready to step up your pink game to a solid pink, look for a pink that speaks to you.  There are so many different shades and tints of this hue, they each have their own personality.  Try opting for a solid pink tie when you’re starting to experiment.  This color is versatile and can be worn with almost any other color.  So whether you are wearing a navy suit, brown suit or black tuxedo, this tie can still be worn.  When you’re feeling adventuresome, experiment with a fuchsia bow tie or even a hot pink bow tie with an underlying pattern.


Example of Pink AccessoriesAnother great way to add pink into your everyday wear is to add simple accessories, other than neckwear.  Feel free to get creative with your accessories.  Classic ways to add pinks into your outfit is to wear a great pink lapel pin.  There are so many different designs ranging from small, medium to large.  Lapel pins also come in many different shapes whether it is a flower, bow tie or button design.  Cufflinks, for those who wear a french cuff shirt, are another way to tie in pink.  This is especially easy if you have a formal event and want to add that pop to top it all off.  If these accessories are too formal, look for other pink influences while you’re out and about.  You will be able to find pink socks, or patterned socks with a pink accent.  You’ll love the “Check Me Out” socks by 611Lifestyle; classic yet bold.  Don’t stop with socks though!  You can find pink shoe laces, nato watch bands and detailing in scarves and hats.

Next Level Pinks

If you’re feeling bolder and more confident from wearing small pink accents in your wardrobe, why not take it to the next level?   These looks might be bold but the outcome will be stylish!

Shirts and Jackets

Pink Shirt and Jacket OptionsEvery man should already have a light pink dress shirt in their wardrobe.  If you’re lacking one, go out and get one now!  Shirt companies don’t just offer plain, solid shirts.  Look for a slight texture in the fabric, a common design is a harringbone pattern.  These slight textures add more depth to the shirt and set it apart from a simple solid.  Hot pink is also a shirt color gaining more attention recently.  This color looks especially nice against a navy jacket.  When you are looking at adding stylish pieces to your wardrobe, look for a great colored jacket.  Pink blazers may be better suited for the spring and summer months but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one in your wardrobe for those occasions.  A great linen blazer is the perfect touch for a warm spring night out on the town or to wear to the office.


A style that isn’t going away any time soon is colored pants.  Pink may be too bold for some, but it’s worth a try if you’re up for it.  The pants can be a bold hot pink or on the dusty, lighter side.  Macy’s offers some great dusty pink chinos perfect for a relaxed style or business casual look.  Hot pink pants can dress up a very casual look and make it exciting.  For your summer vacations and weekend getaways, try a great pair of casual pink shorts.  When paired with a great casual shoe, you are bound to be in the mood to relax and enjoy your vacation.  If you’re really looking to make a statement, instead of just dress pants, you can find an entire pink suit.  This look will be harder to find and definitely takes confidence to pull off.

Complementing Colors

Pink is one of those colors that can look great when paired with almost every other color.  It can really pop or add a subtle hint depending on the colors around it and the intensity of the hue.


Sampling of Pinks with Other ColorsPinks really stand out when paired against neutrals.  Pink and black are a very bold color combination, seen often but not always pulled off without looking tacky.  For a trendy look, wear mid to light grey shades.  Try wearing different tints of pink from dark to light to find what works and looks best for you.  In the spring and summer months, wear a great pink with classic white for a hip, relaxed look.

Blue Family

When pink is paired with dark colors, it really pops and creates a bold look.  Pink is directly across from the blue-green family when you look at a color wheel.  Because it’s complementary color being this great mix, pink pairs nicely with both blue and green.  A pink shirt or accent against a dark navy suit creates a uniform, stylish look.  For a more casual look pink looks great with lighter blue accents.

Other Colors

Pink works along side most colors on the color wheel due to it’s base in red.  Pair pink shades with it’s analogous colors, the ones it neighbors on the color wheel.  These colors range from purples to reds.  Because it’s complementary color is blue-green, pink also looks great against a wide range of green hues, including the teal family.  When pairing with these colors, be careful to balance your look.  This color scheme can  have the hint of looking too watermelon-like when the proportions are skewed too much.

As always, the outcome of the look is always up to your personal preference.  Experiment with lighter pinks and darker pinks.  Look through your wardrobe and see what colors you have an abundance of and hold up different shades of pink to see how it complements or detracts from the overall look. Don’t be afraid to take bold style choices or practice dapper fashions! Remember, your accessory or clothing piece doesn’t have to be solid!  Look for pinks in patterns and details within the actual item you are looking at.  Pink is a color anyone can wear and pull off, even if just as a small detail in an overall ensemble.

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