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Top 5 Wedding Table Favors

Cufflinks Perfect for Weddings

With wedding season just around the corner, it’s a good time to start getting inspiration for great table favors for your wedding! We love stepping out of the box and trying something different.  Make your wedding memorable with great table favors.

Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Want

Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans for Wedding FavorWhat a way to be remembered, and to help caffeinate people at the same time! Almost everyone loves coffee, which makes gifting a small bag of coffee beans a great gift.  Coffee beans are a great way to tie the favor into your love story.  Special details like these really stand out.  In today’s market, you can customize how you want.  We love Apropos Roasters.  They customize stamps for you and sell ground or whole beans, working with you to create something special.  Did we mention they also offer tea and cocoa for non-coffee drinkers?

Cufflinks for the Men, Rings for the Ladies

Cufflinks are a great way to set your gifts apart, for the men. They’re a unique way to gift a lasting memory.  Cufflinks are a great opportunity to have your guests wear them on another occasion and remember your wedding. You can also match the color of the cufflinks to your wedding colors to make them even more special.

Check out our cufflinks section for great options with boxes included.  See our wedding page for more information on bulk ordering.

But cufflinks probably won’t work for the Green Ring with White Ladies Cameo women attending your wedding.  We’ve thought ahead and selected cameo rings as the perfect match to pair with cufflinks.  We especially love the cameo rings by Inspired by Elizabeth. Just like the cufflinks for men, small rings are great for women to wear any time and remember your wedding.

Don’t be surprised if your guests start wearing their great table gifts while still at your wedding!  Many shops will send your items in boxes, but be sure to check first.  If you don’t see the numbers you need listed, don’t be afraid to reach out to the store to request a bulk order.  Be sure to plan ahead as larger orders may take more time to produce and ship.

Cufflinks as wedding table gifts

Candy Filled Mugs

Mugs with Monogram Candy filled mugs are another great way to create a memorable gift for your wedding guests.  The candy is something your guests can snack on the way home from the wedding.  The mug is then left for lots of use at home, making another wonderful memory. This table favor is slightly more DIY so you get the results you want.  Grey Skies Blue offer fabulous monogrammed mugs you can purchase and then fill with candy of your choice.  We love Hershey’s Kisses; they’re simple and tie in with wedding themes.   We recommend wrapping your creation in clear cellophane wrap and topping it off with a great ribbon.

Personalized Match Boxes

Personalized Matchboxes You can never have enough matches! Matches seem to disappear whenever someone needs them.  What better way of helping supply your friends with matches than gifting them great customized matchboxes?  We love the simple designs by Hope and Fancy, perfect for your day.  You can even include some cute tea-lights in a bag with the matches to make the gift even more memorable.  Brighten up your tables and wow your guests!

Disposable Cameras

Cameras can be a fun way for your guests to capture their own special moments of the evening. Your photographer might be busy across the reception and your guests may notice adorable moments happening else where.  You can even create your own scavenger hunt for your guests to do to create a fun activity.  We love the camera from Love and Luxe Handmade; they have great small hearts all over the box!  Disposable cameras are perfect for your guests to take home and develop later or for you to collect at the end of the evening and develop yourself. Do one for each guest or one for each table if you will be developing the photographs. Love and Luxe Handmade Disposable Cameras with Heart Casing

Final Tips on Choosing the Best Favors

Pick something meaningful

Give them something they’ll keep and remember your special day with.  Make the wedding favors personal to you and try to incorporate them into your theme or color scheme.  Choose something that you like, are passionate about and would even use.

Be everlasting

Pick items that people won’t leave behind or throw away.  Keep in mind that some people have traveled great distances to be with you so keep things on the smaller side so they travel well.  Non-edible gifts are great, lasting gifts.  Every time your guest uses your favor, they will remember your special day.

Remember to stay true to your wedding and keep your theme in mind.  If you’re picking something colorful, try to make it match with some of the colors of your wedding.  Analyze your budget and figure out what works best for you.  Try asking the distributor or shops if they do any sort of bulk order discount; it never hurts to ask!  Every wedding is unique so make your wedding more memorable with unique wedding favors.

Here at Dapper Lapel, we want to help make your day as smooth as possible.  Head on over to our wedding page here and see all that we can offer.

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