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Spring / Summer 2015 Colors

5 Spring Summer Colors Together

Every year there are a few top colors that have the honor of being the best.  We’ve compiled a list of the best hues for weddings in early 2015, making it easier for you to choose the best for you.  You’re not limited to just one either.  We suggest no more than four colors paired together to create a winning look, with one main and the rest as support.

Top 5 Colors For Early 2015

Azure Blue SwatchAzure Blue

There are so many great shades and tints of blue so really you can’t go wrong when choosing.  We love a beautiful, bold azure blue.  Azure got its name from the bold blue in the Lapis Lazuli stone.  Take a look at this stone and draw inspiration! The blue is paired with flecks of gold and streaks of cream.  This combinations is a great starting point to build your own scheme for your wedding.

TSwatch Of Tangerine Orange Colorangerine Orange

Orange is very strong, but when toned down into more of a tangerine hue, it becomes soft and subtle.  This color looks beautiful when paired with equally as bold turquoise.  Don’t stop there though, tangerine looks just as amazing paired next to pinks and corals.  Orange is not just for halloween or fall!

Soft GreySwatch of Soft Grey Color

Now we’re not talking about a dark gloomy, storm cloud grey.  We mean a soft, airy grey that pairs perfectly with other colors.  Soft grey is a perfect neutral.  Blues, greens, purples are only a handful of colors the look great with grey.  It can be the base to any wedding allowing a pop of bright color to really shine.

Swatch of Pistachio Green Pistachio Green

Pistachio is a soft green tint.  It can be incorporated into any color scheme as it brings out the best in the colors it is around and makes them pop. The softness of the green screams spring and the rebirth of flowers.  This makes it perfect in spring and summer weddings.

Coral Peach Color SwatchCoral / Peach

Coral and Peach are so close in the color-wheel, we couldn’t just pick one of them.  They pair beautifully together, which makes them perfect for weddings.  While both are similar to tangerine, they are more on the pink side and are a lighter tint overall.  These ooze love and affection, which is what weddings are all about.  They pair well with all the colors on this list and then some!

Final Color Thoughts

5 Spring Summer Colors TogetherUse nature as an inspiration if you’re not quite sure how to pair colors.  Nature has things all figured out when it comes to colors; just look at a peacock’s tail!  Don’t be afraid to experiment either.  Try going to your local florist and getting flowers you like.  What do they look like paired together? Maybe instead of flowers, you try an outfit with your colors paired.  Your base color could be your shirt and your accents can be all your accessories.  Experiment with different shades and tints of your color scheme to see what screams to you.  Don’t forget to check out our article on the Color of The Year: Marsala.

Spring and summer reminds us of growth, new life and playfulness.  We love the softness of these colors and how the look great on their own or paired together.  Play around with what you like to get your final cohesive color scheme.  Keep in mind what accessories you’ve seen to pull the color into wardrobes for the bridesmaids and groomsmen.  These aren’t just reserved for flowers and table furnishings.  You want the look to be overall, including the smallest details in the groomsmen.  Dapper Lapel has you covered in almost any color you can imagine.  Head over to our shop to see what we currently have available.  Don’t forget to visit the wedding page to see how we can help you!

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