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Men’s Accessories For Winter

With fall already here and winter creeping up quickly, we’ve outlined the top five best accessories for the cold months. These are to help you stay both warm and dapper.  Whether you are looking to update your own accessories, or looking for cool gifts for someone else, you can’t go wrong with these top accessories.

The Best Cold Weather Accessories

A Good, Warm, Scarf

A warm scarf is going to be a great investment.  If well taken care of, the scarf should keep you warm through many falls and winters. There are many different kinds of scarves as well as ways to wear them.  Scarves are perfect for any occasion; the style and fold of the scarf can be dressed up for formal or casual looks. Anyone can look good in a scarf, making it a versatile accessory.  For winter months, you can’t go wrong with wool and cashmere.  These fabrics will be soft yet still keep your neck warm.Examples of Warm Scarves for winter

Our top three places to purchase a new scarf are:

  1. Your local department store (Macy’sJCPenny and more) These big stores will have a wide selection of different brands, looks and materials.
  2. On-line retailers (Amazon.com, Zappo’s and more) For these retailers, you will have to rely on the description and pictures they have listed.
  3. Your local thrift or vintage store.  Depending on the stores, you could be able to find top brand name scarves for reasonable prices.  You will also be able to find some great retro and vintage scarves in great condition.  These scarves can add an extra step of style into your wardrobe.

Make sure you buy a scarf that suits your style.  You also can’t go wrong with buying multiple types of scarves to make sure you have one for any occasion and wardrobe choices.

Winter Inspired Lapel FlowerDetail of Three Winter Lapel Flowers

Every season has its must-have colors and textures.  Just because summer has left us for the year, it doesn’t mean you can’t stay stylish with small accessories.  In fact, lapel flowers look great against the seasonal color pallets and textures.  These accessories can really pop out. Wear your lapel flower to complement your outfit instead of matching. Darker colors and heavier fabrics are perfect for the colder months. Set your style apart with a great lapel flower.  Don’t be afraid to try out new designs and sizes.  Try wearing it on your overcoat; lapel flowers are a classic way to stay stylish.

Find our exclusive winter designs here.

The Perfect Hat

Even if you have a full head of hair or are lacking in the hair department, one of the best ways to stay warm this winter is with the perfect hat.  The great thing about hats is that there are so many types and styles.  This wide variety makes them great for any outfit and occasion. You can wear a great winter bobble hat, a simple beanie, or even a classic flat cap.  Not all hats are right for every occasion so make sure you pick the right style hat and pattern for the right situation.

Hats that cover your ears are considered less formal than hats that don’t.  Colorful hats can be meant for more casual wear than neutral colored hats. Accents like bobbles (pom-poms) can also be seen as a more leisurely hat not for formal occasions.  We suggest at least two different types of hat in your wardrobe, a thick practical hat and a formal hat for dressy situations.

Some of our favorite hats have come from Urban Outfitters, Goorin Bro’s, and REI.fall and winter hats

Heavy Duty Socks

You can’t forget to accessorize your feet and toes when it gets cold.  Sometimes, this is the first part of your body to let you know that you’re cold.  As with most accessories, you still want to  make sure you are wearing the right socks for the right occasion. Low, ankle length socks are the least formal and also the least practical for the cold months.  Calf length and knee length socks are more practical and formal depending on the style.

Different Winter Socks For WarmthWool socks are definitely going to keep you feet warmest this winter.  They’re especially perfect for hiking but can be great for every-day wear. Cotton socks are easy to find wherever you shop.  Manufacturers make them in simple designs but also in fun patterns.  Most cotton socks are going to be around calf length. Cashmere and silk socks are going to be the most formal socks yet also very practical for winter.  They are less bulky than wool but can be just as warm.

When wearing socks in formal situations, be aware of the patterns and colors.  While fun socks are awesome, they are not right for all occasions.  Check out some of our favorite sock brands and retailers.

  1. Happy Socks – Designed in Sweden, these great cotton socks are perfect for any outfit.  They  offer a wide range of colors and styles (for men, women and children!) that are unique and fun. Happy Socks are also found in many retail stores so keep your eyes open!
  2.  L.L.Bean – Offering practical and well designed clothes, their socks are no different.  L.L.Bean offers many great wool socks perfect for outdoor activities and casual settings.
  3. Brooks Brothers – Like many other men’s stores, Brooks Brothers offers great formal socks from cotton to cashmere. Brooks Brothers also features some socks in longer lengths to help keep you warm

Bow Ties

Whether  you are self tying your bow tie or you have some great pre-tied bow ties, you can’t go wrong wearing such a dapper accessory.  Knit bow ties bring winter feelings into your wardrobe.  While bow ties are usually associated with wearing a tuxedo or formal suit, you can find many more people branching out and wearing them more casually.  Bow ties are different and are sure to set you apart from tie-wearers. Over the past few years bow ties have really come back into style.  Luck for you, this trend means you are able to find some fun and  funky bow ties perfect for any occasion.

Because it’s cold out, and we love all things that look and feel warm, Dapper Lapel offers great knit bow ties you can’t find any where else.
Dapper Lapel Knit Bow Ties Example

Final Accessories Thoughts

Update your winter wardrobe while setting yourself apart from the crowd. We want you to stay warm and fashionable this season.  Remember, if you’re not sure if something looks good or is appropriate for certain occasions, stick to the classics.  Wear something that you feel comfortable wearing. Take care of your accessories to make them last even longer.

These days, there is such a wide variety of fashionable accessories meant to keep you warm.  Winter accessories are an essential part of your wardrobe and we’re here to help keep you stylish in the process.


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