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Ways For Men To Wear: Marsala

We briefly covered ways for men to wear Pantone’s Color Of The Year in our recent article on Marsala.  This article mainly focused in on how to incorporate this color into men’s wedding fashions.  What if you want to wear this color every day, both informal and formal?  Don’t worry, we have you covered!

Marsala being worn everydayEvery Day Wear

Jackets and Sports Coats

One very easy way to incorporate Marsala into your wardrobe is by finding the perfect jacket.  Your jacket selection can range from a classic peacoat, rain jacket and even a sports coat.  Why blend into the crowd in a simple gray or black jacket when you can step it up with a marsala colored jacket?  The dark red and brown tones in Marsala help this color really stand out when on tweed.  Tweed jackets are an essential piece of anyones fall and winter wardrobe (or at least should be!) because they are warm and stylish.  This color blazer lends itself to being very versatile.  Opt to wear it with a great flannel and jeans or even a white shirt and chinos for the office.  You can still get away with wearing Marsala throughout the year, you will just need to find a lighter weight jacket.  Wear these lighter sport coats the same way you would wear any other.  This color is all about versatility and dimension.  There are great rain jackets at Nordstrom’s to help get you started on your quest and be sure to check out what your local shops have to offer as well.

Pants and Chinos

maroon sweatpantsWhether you are wearing sweat pants to the gym or chinos to the office, you’ll be looking stylish.  These colored pants are a perfect way to break the mold from typical gray, khaki or jeans.  Colored pants are already, or should already be, a closet staple.  This neutral yet fun hue looks perfect against classic neutrals and is a great starting place to upgrade your look.  You can wear this color on shorts in the summer or pants for the winter seasons.  Remember, you can pair many different textures and colors with marsala to create many looks.  You will be able to find great pants in a variety of places from Urban Outfitters to Old Navy and department stores.

Vests, Shirts and More

From outdoor style vests, sweaters and shirts, you will be able to find many new options in Marsala.  Sweaters and shirts are staple for every wardrobe so why not grab the color of the year too.  Pair your classic work look with a great marsala sweater under a deep navy jacket.  You will also be able to find this color in dress shirts and more casual t-shirts.  If you’re not quite ready to wear a Marsala colored sweater or shirt, try wearing it as an accent color.  Find this great detail in piping, lettering and in two-toned accents.

Formal Wear


A new trend recently has been wearing colored, well tailored, suits.  Instead of your next suit being yet another charcoal gray or classic navy (which you should already have in your wardrobe!) go for an all-over Marsala suit.  This fun wardrobe option can be dressed up or split into separates to create even more looks.  If you can go to a custom clothier, be sure to stop in and see the different suit and lining options they have.  A more affordable place to get a great suit would be a place like My Suit, they still offer customizable items but are made to measure.  Most local department stores will also feature colored suits, some you might need to order online.  Remember, a good suit fits perfectly in the shoulders and waist and should be tailored to fit the rest of your body.  Many people won’t fit perfectly into off the rack suits as everyone is shaped slightly different.  You can’t look bad in your suit, no matter the price, as long as you tailor it to your body and shape.



While you’re updating your wardrobe or shopping for your wedding tuxedo, go ahead and check out all the great colored options there are.  Back in 2011, Ryan Gosling was ahead of the times and wore a great burgundy suit to the Cannes Festival.  GQ named him The Best Dressed Man, for obvious reasons of style.  If you’re not quite comfortable wearing a full colored tuxedo, many places offer just a colored jacket with classic black pants.  Remember, tuxedos are for formal occasions and you might not have the need for it quite yet.  If you don’t have any black tie functions happening in the near future, go for a suit instead.


Matte maroon resin rose men's lapel flowerLapel Flowers

A quick and easy way for you to add in Marsala into your outfit is by wearing a lapel flower.  This small accessory can take your wardrobe from simple to extraordinary. Whether you are simply wearing a blazer or you’re wearing a full suit, a lapel flower will look great.  There are so many different sizes and designs, you will be able to find one for any occasion.

Ties or Bow Ties

Knit tie in Maroon with white polka dotsA simple way for you to easily accessorize with this color is to wear it around your neck. Find many ties or bow ties featuring this color as the overall base color.  Because of its versatility, this color works perfectly along side almost any suit, jacket or material.  You will be able to find this tie in heavy wool knit ties with fleck to simple silk ties and as an accent color in other designs.

Socks, Watches and More

Another great way for you to wear this hot color is to tie it into the smaller details.  Find yourself a great pair of socks with this new color.  There are many options from solid colored to funky patterns and designs.  The good thing about this color is that even with the brown undertones, you can still pair it with black or brown shoes on any given day.  There are also unique ways to wear this color on your wrist.  Many watch companies are offering this color in watch bands, from nato straps to leather bands.  There are even some watches that feature Marsala on the dial as accent in the hands or numbers.  This color doesn’t stop here though.  There are many styles of bags now being offered in Marsala.  From luggage brands, leather weekenders and even backpacks, you can find the right bag for any occasion.   Plus, many brands offer Marsala details in items.  A gray scarf may feature a small pinstripe and brown shoes may have fun laces.  You will find this color accenting a wide array if other items and accessories.

Marsala Accessories

Marsala is a surprisingly modern and fresh color.  When you decide to wear this color, make sure to wear seasonably appropriate materials.  This color is not going anywhere any time soon so why not learn to wear it and look one step ahead.

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