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Introducing Three New Fall 2014 Lapel Flower Designs

Leigh Collection Three Colors Lapel Flowers

Fall is upon us, and what better way to enter a new season than by getting some new lapel flowers? Our three fall inspired collections feature materials and color palettes that remind us of waning days and turning foliage. Although fall is the beginning of  cooler weather, we can’t help but love the color options it brings into our wardrobes. Warm, rich fabrics like tweed are a plus, too. We hope you love this season as much as we do, and you like our new designs just as much!

Fall 2014 Lapel Flower Collection

Leigh Collection

Three Leigh Men's Lapel Flowers Black Blue Pink

The Leigh Collection is inspired by the playful freshness of flowers.  These lapel flowers are a great, medium-sized way to update your lapel.  The fabric has some sheen, making them stand out above a blazer’s material. So what does that have to do with fall? It’s the colors,  shades drawn directly from the fading hues of fall’s transition into winter.  But winter’s not a downer at Dapper Lapel! The Leigh Collection’s loopy design is a cheerful reminder that after winter comes spring. A great way to add some whimsical style to your lapel, you can  dress the Leigh Collection up, or wear them casually. We think they’re perfect for any occasion.

Leigh Collection colors include: Black, Blue, Cream, Pink, Marigold and Red 

Poppy Collection

Lapel Flowers showing three Poppy Collection Colors

The Poppy Collection is a true, winter line.  By using soft, textural felt, we’ve brought the flower’s natural warmth to what can otherwise be a harsh season. The Poppy Collection is another medium-sized flower, which makes them really pop against a lapel.  The rosebud shape of the flowers shows growth and renewal even in the chilling air of winter.  The Poppy Collection borrows its color palette from the darkness of winter’s deepest nights, and the pure white of snow. These flowers are perfect for any occasion, versatile in color and unique in shape. They remind us of old school winter scenes and traditional cold-weather wardrobes, but remain fashion-forward.

Poppy Collection Colors include: Black, Burgundy, Cream and Grey

Tegan Collection

Fall Tegan Collection Lapel Flowers


The Tegan Collection is another great fall and winter inspired collection.  These flowers use a mix of seasonal color influences, which makes them great for months of wear.  The fabric’s slight sheen makes this flower pop, too, and draws eyes upward toward your face.  With the Tegan Collection’s shape, we wanted to try a new take on the classic flower petal outline. We think it’s versatile and beautiful.  The unique blend of colors and sheen make these a great addition to any fall and winter wardrobe.  And the uncommon blend of textures really sets them apart from other designs.

Tegan Collection colors include:  Brown, Green, Marigold, Pink and Tan


But just as seasons come and go, these lapel flowers are here for a limited time only!  Get yours today and spice up your next great dapper ensemble.  Remember, all of our lapel flowers are included as part of our Dapper Subscription packages.  If you’re unsure of which flowers to get for yourself or as a gift to someone else, our subscriptions are a great way to get the dapperness started!

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