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Groomsmen Gifts

Tie, Pocket Square and Lapel Pin

Gift giving etiquette can be overwhelming in the middle of all the wedding planning and finalization of details.  It is important to remember some tokens of appreciation for people who make your wedding possible.  We’ll focus in on ideas and etiquette.

All About Groomsmen Gifts

When To Give Your Gifts

Watches to show what time to give groomsmen giftsDepending on the type of gift, we usually recommend giving them out at the rehearsal dinner.  Usually the ride will give her bridesmaids gifts at this time as well.  The rehearsal dinner is a great gathering where you can personally thank all the guest for attending.  You are also able to privately give your groomsmen their gifts.  If your present revolves more around drinking, the bachelor party might be a more opportune time.  Favors can be put right to use right away!  Remember, at the rehearsal dinner, family and friends will be present so make sure what you’re giving is appropriate!

Who Receives One

Traditionally, the customary recipients are the male members of the wedding party.  This means the best man, all groomsmen and ring bearer.  The father of the bride and your father also typically receive a gift, thanking them for their support throughout the process.  The gifts going to the fathers don’t have to be the same as the groomsmen but should still be personal.  Instead of you gifting the fathers, some couples decide to do a joint present to the parents.  The best presents are lasting mementos!  A great idea for groomsmen is to get them accessories to wear on the big day and other special events.Groomsmen at a Rehearsal Dinner with Gifts

Pricing Structure

Make sure you sit down with your fiancé before just going all buy happy.  Choose a budget that reflects the rest of your wedding budget.  There is no need to spend $150 on each attendant when you are planning a smaller budget wedding.  If you’re having an extravagant wedding where your groomsmen are spending a lot of cash on wedding related things (plane tickets, hotel rooms…) a cheap present might now show how gracious you really are.  A budget between $75-$150 is a good range per person.  Best Men might get a little something extra than the other groomsmen as he usually puts a lot of time in planning speeches and not to mention your bachelor party!

Gift Ideas

Dapper Lapel Combo

These kits are filled with a few select goodies from Dapper Lapel.  Dapper Lapel items include a tie or bow tie, cufflinks and lapel pin.  These are perfect for your groomsmen to wear on your wedding day.  Visit the Dapper Combos page to see our current offerings.  Don’t see the right colors or options? Email us at contact@dapperlapel.com and we can create something special just for your day.Tie, Pocket Square and Lapel Pin

Outdoor GiftsTabasco makes a great gift for grilling

Most men like to grill.  Reward your groomsmen, or fathers, with the perfect grilling set.  Make sure to include a great spatula, grill scraper, apron and maybe some different bbq sauces.  Maybe they’ll even invite you over and fix you a great burger or bbq! If your groomsmen aren’t grillers but still love the outdoors, opt for a personalized tailgate kit or tub.  These can include coozies, bottle openers and even a six pack of their favorite beer, making it personal to each groomsmen.  Tailgate games like corn-hole and ladder toss games are also great to include.

Barware gift for groomsmenBarWare

These gifts might be more suited for the bachelor party than the rehearsal dinner, depending on what you’re getting.  If you opt to get everyone flasks and a bottle of alcohol, bachelor party it is.  You can even break these gifts into two parts.  In addition to the alcohol, you can gift specialty glassware, bottle openers, coasters and shakers at the rehearsal dinner.  All of these items are able to be customized, depending on the website, so you can get each groomsmen their own monogrammed items!

Finishing Touches

Keep your items personal to yourself and to your groomsmen.  Don’t break the bank either! Stay true to yourself and your budget.  There are so many cool presents out there so it can be hard to choose the perfect ones. Adding a personal, handwritten card is a great finishing touch to any gift you choose.  This will go a long way in the eyes of the receiver and will imprint a lasting memory of the event.  Don’t forget to do your research when looking at gifts.  Many sites offer either free shipping or will do discounts on larger orders.  Keep an eye on your time frame also.  Don’t wait until the last minute to order, items might not ship on time making them late for when you hand them out.  Don’t forget to have fun and remember to enjoy your big day!

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