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Fall Fashion: 2015

Fall Options

Fall Into Style

As we look out the window we begin to notice that the days are getting a little shorter, the sun a little less bright and the weather a little more fashion friendly.  Yes it’s about that time where we can add a bit more depth and distinction to our daily looks.  Accessories like scarves, gloves, and hats are about to be a daily necessity. With that, we do need to start looking into our closets for our fashion needs in the upcoming season.

It’s time to pull it together for another amazing fall season wardrobe upgrade or change just depends on how you see it.  I always enjoy pulling out the basic accessories as well as adding some trend to the mix just to keep it interesting.  Since I imagine that many of you spend most of your day in a professional setting let’s start with business attire suggestions keeping in mind to add a little flair☺.  


So a few months back, or was it years, (how time flies), Justin Timberlake reminded us of the slickness of the Suit & Tie.  Fall is the perfect time to start the pairing of trousers and Sport Jackets together showing personal style while creating your own “Suit & Tie”. If anyone has been watching the runways of late you’ll notice that what was once not acceptable is now the new normal when it comes to suiting.  

Jackets and Blazers

It all starts with your Jacket.  Find one that is fitted specifically to your style and body type. This is definitely easier said than done.  Bespoke is the best way to go if are really serious about your wardrobe.  The perfect fit is created by you & your tailor leaving room for a few inches either way as the holiday parties begin to roll in as well as making way for next fall ( if you dare “re-wear”).  

Fall wardrobe

If you are not quite that guy just yet (trust you will get there) then checking out several ready-to-wear designers and mens-wear clothiers, or thrift shops, will help you find one that speaks to you.  This would also be a great time to find the perfect trouser fit as well since you’re already in the store.  As we talked about before once you find the right fit buying it in more than one color is ALWAYS a good idea!

Color Options

Now let’s talk color combos, this is when the style becomes interesting.  If you ask me, I’m feeling denim, wool and  camo this season.  Definitely on trend, a little personal and some would say slightly daring. However, keeping in mind that we are talking cooler temperatures so accessories are going to be key in the tying this look together. Bold jacket color is the best place to start. It creates a good jumping off point for the shirt and accessories.  Wool accessories are a subtle way to add some texture into a simple, clean, look. 

When thinking of fall we think of tradition like pumpkin and squash and harvest mums. Which immediately brings colors like orange, yellow and green to the forefront of our mind and just a bit cliché (to say the least).  To do justice to the word bold, search for colors like magenta, marsala, and mustard.

Fall Accessories

These statement colors really take your look to the next level.  Now its time to decide on trouser color.  I say go dark and unexpected (as always).  We should continue in our trend for bold yet different. Colors like navy, eggplant and black (of course) will ground your ensemble in a stylish yet classic way.

Finishing Touches

No suit is complete without ties, cufflinks and the new necessity, pocket squares.  In a pocket square, this is where pattern makes its debut and becomes the unexpected star of the show.  Paisley is and always has been a go-to when making a statement in a suit; Considered classic yet daring (based on color) while maintaining heir of confidence. When talking cuff links I tend to choose non-metal and unique.

Fall Cufflinks

Think less is more for this part of your look and your fans will be more impressed.  Not to mention the versatility they will allow you when accessorizing for the rest of the season. The tie should be striped or an understated pattern. Keep in mind the deepest color in your look for direction and always coordinating with your Trouser for a feel of continuity.

I know your probably thinking, what about the shirt?  Well I always choose classic white French cuffed with tuxedo inspired collar when pairing with bold colors. These choices give you options that you won’t see coming and going on the street but will help create and inspire trend…. And isn’t that what personal style is all about!

This post was guest written by Joseph Medlin.

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