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Diving Into Snorkel Blue

Blue cardigan, gray suit, loopy lapel pin

Blue cardigan, gray suit, loopy lapel pin

We recently posted an article about Pantone Institute’s Fashion Color Report Spring 2016. As a followup, in the upcoming weeks we will be breaking down each of the ten colors. On the docket this week: Snorkel Blue. In their color description, Pantone describes the color as, “Striking yet still, with lots of activity bursting from its undertones.” It is these undertones that make Snorkel Blue the perfect spring alternative to navy. When pairing with Snorkel Blue, you want to draw upon both its undertones and its complements.

Inspiration & Implementation

Orange Sunset, Blue Ocean, White Seafoam

Draw From Nature

Since Snorkel Blue is fairly organic, the easiest way to pair colors with it is to look at the colors that surround it in nature. Snorkel Blue draws inspiration from the deep blue of the ocean rather than the light blue of the sky.  Coral is one of the best foils to Snorkel Blue. The contrast between the two shades makes for a beautiful harmony that allows both colors to pop and play off of one another. Of Pantone’s spring shades, Peach Echo is most similar to coral, but Fiesta also has the orange, red, and yellow tones that add warmth to the cool Snorkel Blue.

Designing Your Table

Snorkel Blue is versatile and unique, making it look good with a multitude of different colors. This is why we recommend it for table settings. Depending on the type and size of the wedding, the table can be one of the busiest elements in the reception. With a centerpiece, silverware, napkins, multiple dishes, place cards, glasses, and table gifts, the table fills up fast. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. A full table is very appealing as long as it looks full and not crowded.

One of the best ways to prevent the busy look is to layer colors. Start with your two largest elements, the tablecloth and the centerpiece. Snorkel Blue is an excellent base, so we highly recommend it as a tablecloth. Pair that with a colorful centerpiece and muted dishes. Add silverware and some Bethany Marigold Lapel Flowers as table gifts and you’ve got yourself quite the table!

Bridesmaid Dresses

Blue shades are extremely popular for bridesmaid dresses. Usually, dark blues are thought to be universally flattering, the wedding version of black. Substituting Snorkel Blue for a Navy or Midnight is a good way to lighten up the palette while ensuring that everyone’s body type is still complimented. It is also a good color choice if your bouquets contain any variations of yellows, greens, or reds. Brightly colored bouquets radiate off of the blue backdrop.

Groomsmen Accessories

Lapel Pins & Ties

Snorkel Blue is perfect for lapel pins or ties particularly if you choose it as the bridesmaid dress color. While matching is not required for bridesmaids and groomsmen, it is a good way to ensure cohesion within all members of the party. If the groomsmen and bridesmaids aren’t matching exactly, you can pick one overarching element or color and have it in both parties.

Ammonite Accents

Ammonite Fossil Lapel Pins

Drawing on the oceanic nature of Snorkel Blue, Dapper Lapel highly recommends our ammonite lapel pins. These pins are ammonite shell, each of which has been cut as to further accentuate its signature Fibonacci spiral. Each fossil is unique, so no two pins are exactly the same. Colors vary; some are dark brown, some cream, some with green undertones, some with yellow. These undertones match those present in Snorkel Blue, allowing for natural cohesion. Plus, intrinsic design adds instant and effortless finesse to any lapel. The ammonite collection is also ideal for any beach wedding.

Get Creative

Sometimes, you want to be less obvious about color incorporation. Don’t be afraid to go outside of the box and use Snorkel Blue in cool new ways. If you have your suit custom made, consider changing the lining or felt to match the bridesmaid dresses. Change your shoelaces to a fun color or add a pocket square. Wedding ensembles are endlessly customizable so don’t settle for the default!

Don’t Be Afraid To Go Bold

Raf Simmons Spring 2015, Craig Green spring 2016


Runways are a great place to find inspiration for colors and styles. Most designers embrace playful color and fabric combinations; designer Georgine is no exception. In her spring collection, Georgine is mixing a cocktail of Snorkel Blue, bright lavenders, reds, and neon colors. Tadashi Shoji is also going bold. He says of his collection, “I was drawn to the vibrancy of a blossoming Japanese garden which helped to inspire the color palette for spring.” Fashion is always more fun in warm weather, so take advantage of it!

Buttercup & Snorkel Blue

Sometimes it’s best to pair rich tones. In fact, some of Snorkel Blue’s best pairs are just as bright and playful as it is. One of our favorite accents is Buttercup. Buttercup is reminiscent of the bright yellow flowers of its namesake. Pairing with Buttercup helps to brighten Snorkel Blue and bring it into spring.

Fiesta & Snorkel Blue

Usually, with two colors as powerful as Snorkel Blue and Fiesta, you might be wary of color competition. However, these two are complementary on multiple levels making them a dynamic pair. Snorkel Blue’s base blue and the orange undertones in Fiesta are complements. Then, Fiesta’s red base and Snorkel Blue’s green undertones are also complements. The two interact on so many levels that it’s almost like they were made to be worn together.

Embrace the Unexpected

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of playing around with different colors and pairings. Sometimes the best combinations are the most unexpected. So, make sure that you’re drawing inspiration from all different places and never knock anything before you try it. Who knows, the colors you least expected to work together could end up being the perfect color scheme for your big day.

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