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Custom Cufflinks and Lapel Pins

Colorful Emilia Lapel Flowers eight colors



Custom Creations

Our Process

We’ve beenFirst two steps of Button Conversion commissioned quite a few times to create cufflinks and lapel pins for groups.   More recently, we had a someone with a bag of vintage buttons who asked what we could do to help them be transformed. Many of the buttons already had a matching design, so we suggested cufflinks for the pairs and lapel pins for anything that was a solo design.  One of the biggest hurdles we needed to overcome was the back of the button.  They were vintage buttons with a metal loop, which would normally be for sewing the button to the jacket.  We realized there was no way to keep the loop in tact while still creating them into functional accessories.  So we brought out our tools and went to work.  We use end cutting pliers to safely remove the loop.  Because the backing is metal, we then hammered out the back to make it nice and smooth so we could attach the fixtures.  For this project we used vintage inspired brushed bronze cufflink bullet backs; the lapel pins received a gold stick back.

Vintage Items

We’re constantly looking through vintage stores, flea markets and fabric stores for great items to use.  We’ve found vintage cufflink backs in London from a factory sale.  We also have some vintage button studs perfect for turning into cufflinks for the right project.  Vintage items are perfect and can transform into unique, personal accessories.

Emilia Resin Roses

Our entire Emilia collection is able to be customized for large orders.  We hand mix the colors and pour the resin into different styled molds.  From there, the resin takes up to 24-hours to harden and then be removed to create cufflinks or lapel pins.  Different molds give different finishes.  We also have the ability to pour the resin at different stages in the drying process to create a two-colored piece.

Three Step Process to Flatten Back

Want your own?

E-mail us at contact@dapperlapel.com to get the ball rolling.  We will work with you to design colors or styles.  We can also work with you to transform found items into great custom accessories. Not sure what you’re looking for?  We also keep an eye out for cool, unique vintage pieces at craft shows and vintage markets.  Send us your details and we’ll see what we can do.  Our custom creations aren’t just for groups.  If you’re an individual looking for custom designed items, don’t hesitate to e-mail us.Custom Cufflinks and Boxes Ready to Ship

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