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Colors of Summer

Grooms wearing teal and mint

As we finally reach the summer months, bright colors come into the wardrobe in accessories and clothing. If you’re looking to add some color into your wardrobe, but either don’t know where to start or would like something more reserved, we have you covered.

Summer Accents

The summer is all about bright bold colors, we like to think of a beach scene: bright white sands, teal/turquoise waters and green palm trees and of course the bright blue skies. Now if only every day were a beach day!

Exotic Beaches

These are good inspiration for a summer wardrobe. While we’re not all at the beach, these colors blend together in nature to create a beautiful scene, why not use the beach as inspiration for your wardrobe?

Teal / Turquoise / Peacock

We could keep going with different names for this cool color, and while all of them vary slightly in shades, they have the same basic undertones. We will refer to the color as Teal from here out.

Teal features a mixture of blues and greens, with just a hint more blue. When you mix these two colors, you get a great range of color that can accent and be combined with almost any other color. Teal accessories pair nicely against a navy suit, white jacket or even against a patterned shirt (with complementary colors that is).

Men should wear teal

We recommend starting off small if you’re not ready to conquer an entire teal outfit. Teal cufflinks, lapel pins or even a solid tie can all add the perfect amount of color into your daily wear. Versatility doesn’t mean boring in this case, teal can be worn in so many fun ways.

Don’t just think about the color, think about the different attachments. We offer our cufflinks and lapel pins on different backings which will all have an effect on the final look of the accessory. Gold brings out a rich and dramatic warming effect against the cool blue-green. Silver will continue to bring out the cool undertones.

Teal doesn’t need to be worn as just an accent color. It can be worn as a neutral color to balance bright colors. You can think of teal replacing a neutral gray pair of chinos for an updated look to an outfit outside of accessories.

Mint Green

No, we’re not talking about mint chocolate chip ice cream. We are talking about the color! Mint green is a bright, bold color that needs to be worn with caution. We suggest starting slowly when you add this into your wardrobe and wait until you jump into wearing a mint green suit, although it can be done for those with the confidence!

Stemming from the teal we’ve already covered, we find ourselves lusting over mints.

Mint is a universally flattering color for everyone, meaning it can also be paired with varying neutral colors from crisp white dress shirts to black t-shirts, but not forgetting peach, beige, navy and almost any other color in the rainbow!

Mint is the color of summer

As with any new color you’re adding into your wardrobe, start small while building the confidence to wear it more. Just like in teal, we recommend starting with accessories before transitioning to pieces of clothing. The right mint cufflinks add the perfect amount of color.

Once you’ve mastered the small pieces, you can transition to wearing mint in other aspects of your wardrobe, like a dress shirt under a navy suit, tie, pocket square and even on your fun socks.

The good thing about summer and the warm air is that color is everywhere. If you found that perfect mint blazer online, why not pair with some white shorts for a fun look? Experimenting with color can be one of the best parts about summer, other than the warmth of course!

Mint and Teal for Weddings

Summer wouldn’t be complete without weddings and these two colors can be incorporated whether you’re a guest, bride or groom.

For the Ladies

Teal and mint are perfect dress colors for the big day. Brides tend to lean towards both of these colors because they are flattering colors and look great on everyone. Regardless of your role in the wedding, these colors can be paired together to create a warm, summer look.

teal and mint combined for weddings

Teal and mint are a part of the same color family which means they instantly complement each other. Whether you’re wearing a mostly teal look with a hint of mint, or you wear small amounts of both against other neutrals, they always look beautiful.


It is tradition that grooms typically wear navy or gray to create a formal look, but these colors are not necessarily worn for every wedding.

If you do find yourself wearing a neutral color suit, a good way to offset the color is to add a bright pop. Grooms and groomsmen typically complement the ladies, but this doesn’t mean they can’t still wear teal or mint. If these colors, singularly or combined, are a part of the bridal party, incorporating them into the groomswear is simple.

Grooms wearing teal and mint

A teal, or mint, lapel pin and cufflinks paired with a crisp white pocket square with just a hint of color can create the perfect refined look. These teal and mint accessories can also complement the accessories worn by the ladies, the flowers, or if you’re a guest: your own personal style!

No matter who you are or where you are going this summer, be sure to pack some mint or teal and embrace the summer air!

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