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Building Your Accessories: Part 3

Spring Accessories Lapel Pin and CufflinksWith this segment, we’re focusing on adding smaller details to your wardrobe.  We love simple and bold lapel pins and cufflinks. Just like everything else, accessorizing requires a fine eye.  These details can be quickly taken from the classically elegant to comical and childish.  You can wear them with other accessories or also on their own, making them really stand out.

The Next Steps

Lapel Pins (Lapel Flowers)

Button and floral lapel pinsA great way to complement you wardrobe is with a great lapel pin or flower.  These aren’t just reserved for proms and groomsmen anymore.  A great accessory on your lapel is a perfect touch to boost your wardrobe again.  We recommend starting with a smaller, simple design before working you way up to the big bold options.  The larger options will draw a lot of attention and aren’t for everyone.

Color and fabric choices for your newest accessory are just as important as when you’re picking ties to wear.  If you pick a style with fringed edges, it might not be appropriate for formal events.  Just like a style that is larger and silky may not be the best for a casual outfit.  Many types of lapel pins are going to be versatile for any occasion.  When you’re looking for this type, look for the more “finished” styles and edges.  Size can also play a part in the look of this accessory so be sure to experiment with that as well.

When you’re pairing your lapel pin with other accessories, be sure to complement your outfit (just like everything else). Keep an eye on clashing colors and patterns.  There are many shapes and styles of lapel pins so keep an eye out for what you like.


Unlike most accessories we love, cufflinks are going to give off the sense of being more formal.  Now we are no way saying that cufflinks should only be reserved for special occasions or formal business events.  Again, these come down to the overall look you are creating with the rest of your outfit.  They can be a quirky accessory on a casual outfit or the finishing touch on something formal.

We love smaller designs rather than the overpowering large designs.  Some cufflinks can be tacky and loud and take away from the overall look.  When choosing a cufflink other than the more formal silver and gold designs, remember to buy what you like and what catches your eye.  Complement your outfit with different colors and textures.  Experiment with designs and shapes.

Cufflinks need french cuff shirts.  Macy’s offers many styles online and occasionally features some in store.  If you can’t find them in store or a brand that fits right, there is always the option to have them custom made, though this will be more expensive.

Examples of Cufflinks

Up Next

Rather than focus on watches, sunglasses and hats, we are going to be creating looks for you.  We encourage you to experiment with pieces you like.  Fashion rules are meant to be broken.  Style is about what speaks to you and what you enjoy wearing.  If you combine large or over powering pieces, your outfit can be taken from fab to drab. We’ll show you to to focus in on a few key items and style them bold.

Accessories take confidence to pull off with style.  Suit up (or dress down!) and wear these great accessories with pride.

Selection of Well Dressed Men

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2 thoughts on “Building Your Accessories: Part 3

  1. I like the idea of quirky cufflinks but I think the bolder lapel pins would be difficult to pull off if you have a more reserved sense of style- you mentioned to start simple but how does a bloke shift from the simple to full blown flower without looking or feeling a little odd? Or is it just a case of, only go with the brave design if you’re feeling as such?

    • We definitely agree that it can be hard to switch gears to a bold lapel flower. They take a level of confidence and sometimes need that “don’t care” attitude. Our Emilia Collection is a great simple place to start, or our soon to be release ammonite pins are also lower key (see those on our instagram!). As with wearing any accessory, they need to be worn by you not wear the look. If you’re feeling brave and up for it, we encourage you to go for it! Send us any photos of looks you try to contact@dapperlapel.com, looking forward to seeing what you put together!

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