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Building Accessories: Part 2

4 Looks with an assortment of Accessories

Once you’ve mastered wearing ties and bow ties, what’s next?  There are so many different options to continue to add and build your wardrobe and accessories collection. This article features wearing pocket squares and bow ties.  Each offers distinct stylistic options and come in a wide variety of styles. Find Part 1 of this segment here.

What’s Next?

Adding Pocket Squares

Teal Striped Tie With White PocketsquareWe suggest adding simple pocket squares when first starting with this great accessory.  Try starting with simple white cotton square rather than a loud print.  White is such a versatile color you can wear it with anything.  We suggest also staying towards simple folds rather than extravagant ones. See our suggestions on folds every man should know.

The great thing about wearing a white pocket square is that it’s also appropriate for any occasion, formal or informal.  If you’re feeling a little more adventuresome, try adding a simple square with a colored border.  Polka dots and paisleys are great and classic patterns when building your wardrobe.  You can experiment with different folds to feature the inside patterns of pocket squares.  Once you master the pocket square you can play with bolder prints and colors.

When you do decide to venture from the basic pocket squares, many times they come in a set with a matching tie.  This is a no-no!  You want your accessories to complement each other not match completely.  Focus on a color to pair.  If your striped tie has a red line through it, try a pocket square with some red details.  Just make sure your pocket square isn’t the same striping!  Feel free to also wear your pocket square sans any neck-ware for a sharp but relaxed look. Collection of Pocketsquares and Two Looks

Mastering The Bow Tie

Example of Three Bow Tie LooksBow Ties are a complex accessory.  There are great pre-tied ones and also beautiful self-ties.  We recommend both types but prefer the classic self-tie.  There is a sense of romanticism when you tie your own bow ties, but they take lots of practice.  Just like regular neck ties, start with the simple and work your way up to the bold.  Solid colors and simple stripes are a great starting place.  Once you learn to master wearing these, its time to expand upon your knowledge.  Practice wearing your bow ties with simple accessories.  Again, you don’t want this to completely match anything else you wear but rather complement everything.

Bold colors and patterns are available in both pre-tied and self-tied bow ties.  There are also great styles available in knit rather than the classic silk or cotton.  Bow Ties are not for everyone.  They take a certain level of confidence and style.  Too bold or large and they can be overpowering.  Self-tied styles show unique details and charm.  They don’t have the same symmetry as pre-tied options.  We definitely recommend pre-tied when looking at different fabric types.  Knit materials are especially hard to self-tie and are harder to find untied.  Bespoke Unit has a great information on how to tie your bow tie.

Coming Up

We will be outlining how to add lapel pins and cufflinks to your wardrobe decisions.  Such small accessories can add a burst of detail to your outfits.  We will also be adding all these items together to form a cohesive, well thought out look.  We’ve started pairing great items together in our Dapper Combos to help you out as well.  These packs are ever-changing and are limited in quantity.  They are perfect for beginners and the more experienced.Example Of Lapel Pins and Cufflinks With Ties

Final Thoughts

Remember that all of these pieces work great on their own or paired with other great accessories.  You’re not limited to wearing a bow tie or pocket square at black tie events or weddings.  They will look great when paired with a pair of chinos and a jacket or worn individually with no other accessories.  Remember to practice folding your pocket square in different styles to find what you like best.  Leave yourself plenty of time when learning how to self-tie bow ties as well, they take a lot of practice to perfect.4 Looks with an assortment of Accessories

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