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Boutonnieres for Spring

4 Examples of Rolled Lapel Flowers

Every wedding is different. Some weddings have real flower boutonnieres while others choose the lasting handcrafted boutonnieres.  There are simple designs and more complex arrangements.  We’ve outlined the top five styles perfect for a spring wedding.

Boutonniere Styles


Succulent Boutonniere by Eucca on EtsyIn the last year, succulents have really stepped up into the spotlight. Because they are so soft and airy, they scream fresh spring love.  They are available in all different shapes, sizes and colors.  Small cuttings of succulents are the perfect size for boutonnieres.  You can find these cuttings paired with different variations of succulents, making their own creative boutonniere.  There are also succulents paired with dried flowers and berries that create a beautiful addition to any wedding style.  Be sure to check out the great designs by Eucca Floral. Did we mention you can also tie succulents into the Bridal Bouquets?  The common pale greens add a beautiful contrast to any color flower, especially whites and corals.  See our top wedding colors for spring to see how they pair with each other.

Example of Fabric Peony Lapel FlowersFabric Peony

We love larger boutonnieres, especially when we can wear them over and over.  Our Marilyn Collection is just that.  These big lapel flowers make the perfect addition to any wedding.  They are currently available in Cream, Coral, Raspberry, Dark Pink and Green.  These lapel flowers add a touch of elegance to any suit.  The colors available allow versatility and will complement any color scheme.  These flowers will never die and are always in season! Plus, they make a great gift to the groomsmen that won’t end up in the trashcan!


These flowers are elegant and beautiful.  They too are available in many different colors, making it easy to choose what is best for your wedding.  Orchid Boutonniere by Serendipity Bridal on EtsyJust like the other styles, orchids will make a statement. They are often the symbol of love and affection, making them perfect for a wedding! Orchids are also very easy to incorporate into bridal bouquets as well as flowers for the mothers of the bride and groom.  They are simply elegant flowers and look beautiful alone.  Wrapping the stems in wire, twine or silk is a great way to bring in the rest of your wedding designs.  Serendipity Bridal by Suzanne is a great shop to grab beautiful designs.

Rolled Roses

These simple and elegant fabric flowers are another great boutonniere style for men.  The classic design and shape of these flowers are perfect for any wedding.  Our Fia Collection offers a wide variety of colors in silk and organza.  Both fabrics look beautiful against a suit.  We recommend staying within your color scheme when deciding which color is best for you. The pinks, peach and cream (white) are best for spring weddings.  These rolled fabric flowers are another perfect gift for the groomsmen to keep and wear again.4 Examples of Rolled Lapel Flowers

Classic Roses

Real Rose Boutonniere on GroomRoses are going to be the most formal boutonniere style but also the most classic.  They can be worn alone or with a small leaf and collection of baby’s breath.  These beautiful flowers can be used for both the bridal bouquets and groomsmen boutonnieres.  Cream and red roses are the most popular colors for weddings.  We recommend wearing a soft yellow for a spring wedding.  Try pairing your roses with other flowers to create a cohesive look.

Final Thoughts

Whichever type of boutonniere you decide on, we know it will be beautiful.  Remember to choose colors and designs that are true to your style and wedding.  Take your time when deciding which is best for your wedding.  You will have the memory for the rest of your life!  Don’t be afraid to do living flower boutonnieres for your wedding but then including handcrafted lapel flowers as part of the groomsmen gifts.

Here at Dapper Lapel, we love being a part of weddings.  We offer special bridal discounts for orders.  We also love seeing our lapel flowers worn on the big day so be sure to send us a few pictures we can feature! See our wedding page for more information or feel free to contact us with any questions about our lapel flower designs.Spring Boutonniere Styles

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