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Boutonnieres Vs. Lapel Pins

Wedding Cake Topper & Jar of Money

Wedding Cake Topper & Jar of Money

Weddings are very, very expensive. And as much as it may not seem like it, it’s the combination of all the little things that end up costing the most. A hundred here, two-hundred there, before you know it you’re over budget. One of the best ways to make the most of your spending is to find items that are reusable and can double as more than one thing. Boutonnieres add elegance to your special day, and are the perfect place to maximize your purchasing.

We agree that lapel decoration is a must on your wedding day, but we suggest substituting a fresh boutonniere with a lapel pin. Lapel pins are endlessly reusable and can easily double as a groomsman gift. You want to make the time around your wedding as stress free as possible, so anything that can be ordered and received prior to the day of is a plus.


Custom Lapel Pins & Cufflinks

Ordering lapel pins as opposed to fresh flower boutonnieres gives you a larger number of options. With boutonnieres you’re limited to flowers, but lapel pins offer endless possibilities. Whether it’s the buttons off of your grandfather’s jacket or your mom’s favorite brooch, you can customize the pins with something uniquely you.

Customization makes the accessories something to be treasured and worn time and time again as opposed to something you throw away at the end of the evening. Lapel pins and cufflinks are a fun, tasteful, and easy way to infuse personality into your wedding ensemble.

The Emilia Collection

Multicolor Resin Roses & Gift Box

While all of our lapel pins are gorgeous, for weddings we suggest our Emilia collection of lapel flowers and cufflinks. Emilia lapel pins and matching cufflinks are made of a high quality resin and they are available in matte and sheen finishes. They come in virtually any color and are just $28 a piece.

To outfit the average grooms party of nine, including groom, groomsmen, and bride and grooms’ fathers, it would cost a total of $252.  We also offer wedding and group discounts which can help alleviate some of the your spending woes. All of Dapper Lapel’s products come gift-ready in decorative boxes, so you don’t even have to do the wrapping!

Weigh Your Options

So much of your wedding only lasts for a day; choosing a lapel pin over a boutonniere means choosing something that will last for a lifetime over something that will last for, at most, two days. Lapel pins are sure to make it through the day unscathed no matter what the weather. With so many different kinds, you’re sure to find one with the look you want.

Mix & Match Styles

Groom and groomsman wearing ties and lapel flowers

Wearing Emilia cufflinks and lapel flowers

Feel free to mix fresh boutonnieres and lapel pins. If it’s absolutely vital that the groom have a boutonniere but you want to buy lapel pins as a groomsmen gift, don’t hesitate to mix and match. In fact, a combination of the two adds some diversity while still keeping the accessories cohesive. It is a personal touch that still adheres to classic traditions.

Another great option is to pair fresh boutonnieres with decorative cufflinks. Most suits come with plain cufflinks, but switching them out for handpicked cufflinks can make all the difference. You’ll be surprised how much attention to detail can make or break the look of your wedding.

Be True to You

Whether you decide on fresh floral boutonnieres or lapel flowers, be sure that whatever you pick is uniquely you. Remember, it’s your special day so you should be happy with all your decisions. Don’t be afraid to take chances and experiment until you find the perfect look for your wedding.



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