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Best Holiday Gifts This Season for Men

Selection of Tie Bar, Tie and Pocket Square

Whether you’re already started, or you’re saving gift shopping for a little closer to the holidays, this list is here to help you.  We’ve compiled a list of the top gifts to get any guy in your life.  Our list is for items under $100 to also help save your wallet.

Top Gifts For Men

A Great Dopp Kit (Travel Bag)

Dopp Bag by Taupe of the WorldDopp kits are a great way to get the mind thinking about travel.  Maybe the guy you’re buying it for already loves to travel but needs an updated travel bag.  Maybe you’re buying it for a college student or recent graduate.  Dopp kits are handy for anyone to store all of their travel necessities in.  Common items you will find (or even stock up for the receiver!) in a Dopp kit are: deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, and shampoo.  Items aren’t limited to what we have listed, feel free to get creative if you’re stuffing this great gift for someone you know.  We love the Dopp Kits from our friend Taupe of The World.

Mid-Range Dapper Lapel Gift Package

We’ve put together a great gift package for the holiday season.  Purchase one of our Dapper Packs and receive items at discounted price.  We’ve grouped together certain items to create the perfect sets.  Our packages are great starter packages for anyone on your list. Head on over to our “Combo Deals” page to start shopping now.  Items are limited so get yours today!

Receive 15% Off select Dapper Combo DealsSelection of Tie Bar, Tie and Pocket Square

A Booze Filled Gift Bag

Rum, Tequila and Bourbon for GiftsWhile this gift isn’t for everyone, if you know someone who likes to experiment with drinks, this could be perfect.  Wine is a great gift for almost anyone.  Especially if you are going to a party, wine makes a perfect host/hostess gift.  If you know a specific brand or type of alcohol someone drinks, try to get their favorite.  There are many different types of liquors and spirits ranging from rum, to tequila and bourbon.  We recommend speaking with someone at your local liquor store to help select the best spirit.  Many liquor stores will also do package gifts in which you buy a large bottle of something and you receive glasses or bar supplies included.  These vary by store so check with your local store for what they offer during the holiday season.  Even if your store doesn’t do packages, you can always create your own with the necessities to create a new drink.

Assortment of Fun SocksNew Sock Collection

It’s cold out, or depending on where you live it could be warm.  Socks are a great gift for anyone on your list no matter the temperature.  They are bright and bold, or more subtle and formal.  Socks are a simple accessory that can really turn a look around.  There are so many affordable, fun socks available.  A great gift to someone would be a bag of a few funky new socks.  Out with the old and in with the new!  We love Happy Socks and socks available at Urban Outfitters.  Socks are not limited to just those stores though, keep your eyes out.  There are so many new designs and styles to play around with.  Don’t forget to include some warm wool socks for the bitter cold!

Good Smelling Cologne

CTwo different Men's Cologne Fragrancesologne is another great, personal, gift idea for any man in your life.  Whether they already use a specific brand, or don’t currently use any, you can introduce them to new scents.  Cologne is fashionable yet functional.  Men rarely buy their own cologne which makes it the perfect personal gift.  When you gift cologne, any man is likely to trust your opinion on the smell and is more likely to wear it.  Cologne is perfect for making a good impression, as long as it is not too heavily applied.  It’s also appropriate for all gift giving situations.  Head on over to your local department store to start smelling today.  Buy a scent that you like or get their favorite if it’s starting to run low.

Shave Set

The perfect shave set, or even shaving accessories, can be another great gift for any man on your list.  Shaving sets are a gift men are bound to use.  Even if they don’t shave their beard off, every mustache and beard needs a trimming.  Many shave sets come with the perfect combination of items.  There are pre-shave oils, shaving creams, after shave balm and even boar hair brushes to get the perfect lather.  Shave sets are available in any budget so keep your eyes out.  Starter sets are usually smaller and less expensive but still feature all the great items needed for the perfect shave.  Some of the more expensive kits even include a razor or straight blade.  Keep an eye out for the different scents; many brands offer an unscented version for sensitive skin.  We recommend The Art of Shaving who offers starter sets, travel size and larger kits.  Did we mention they offer barber and shaving services in store, where you can treat someone to a signature Royal Shave.Shave Set from The Art of Shaving

Wool TiesThree Different Wool Ties Offered by Dapper Lapel

Most men have a few staple ties in their wardrobe.  A good wool tie should be included in their fall and winter tie styles.  They add a hint of warmth just from looking at them.  Wool ties are also perfect for any occasion. They are fashionable and practical. At Dapper Lapel, we have designed a fine selection of wool ties, perfect for any man.  Ties are a personal and men can never have too many.  They can represent power, growth and demand respect. Giving a tie can also represent your respect for the receiver and is a great way to express gratitude and thanks.  There are many different ties, all perfect for a gift to anyone.  Head on over to the Dapper Lapel Tie Shop to see all the great designs we have to offer.

Warm Slippers

Warm Fuzzy Slippers Example Two PairsSlippers are comfortable, warm and necessary for those chilly winter morning.  Perfect for rolling out of bed and going to make coffee in the morning, warm slippers will make feet feel like they’ve stayed in bed.  Every man needs a good pair of slippers.  They are another way to make sure shoes get taken off, instead of trekking snow and dirt around they house.  Most department stores carry a wide range of comfortable slippers in boxes, perfect for gift giving.  They will even list the sizes on the box as slippers are not a one-size fits all kind of gift.

Pocket Square Collection

Just like ties and other great accessories, every man should have a great pocket square collection.  Whether just starting out or adding to an already built collection, there are endless designs and colors.  Pocket squares have the ability to complement an outfit and take it to the next step.  They also add a touch of class and respect.  Pocket squares aren’t just for spring and summer wardrobes; they are versatile for any season.  We try to stay above the curve and are always working on new designs for pocket squares.  Head over to our shop to check out what we currently have to offer.  We have also outlined six great starter pocket square folds every man should know over on our blog.  Group of four Dapper Lapel Pocket Squares

Cooking Lover Spice Set 

Spice Set by Williams Sonoma

Photo Credit: Williams Sonoma

Cooking isn’t for everyone, but for those who love to cook what better gift than a spice set?  Many stores will offer a box sets of spices.  There are breakfast spice sets, dry rub sets, dip seasoning, mulling spices and more.  You can even create your own unique spice set by purchasing individual jars and presenting them in a spice rack.  Spice sets are perfect for the experienced and the inexperienced cook.  Williams-Sonoma offers some great individual spices and spice sets.


Top Gifts Just Over $100

Dapper Lapel Max Gift Package

Purchase someone on your list a lapel flower, set of cufflinks, tie bar, pocket square and a tie or bow tie.  You receive five (5) great Dapper Lapel gift items perfect for anyone.  Just like our other packages, we have selected specific items that fit perfectly together.  Visit our combo deals page to see what we have matched.Five Item Dapper Pack for $120

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