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Destination: Autumn Wedding

Fall, Autumn, Wedding Guest Attire


Fall, Autumn, Wedding Guest Attire

It’s October which means that autumn wedding season is in full swing. Autumn is the best time to show off your favorite suits and accessories. The cool weather ushers in a rich radiant color palette and allows for a greater variety in fabrics. Autumn weddings feed off of the newly cool and colorful environment so you’re outfit should do the same.

The Suit

Blue, gold, tie, pocket square, pattern, shirtThe navy suit is one of our fall favorites, and must have in any wardrobe. This classic suit is versatile and easily accessorized. The dark hue is the perfect base to pair with any autumnal shade. Yellow and orange ties and lapel pins really pop against navy jackets. Tweed and wool waistcoats complement navy while adding a different textural element.

Suits in subtle plaids and Herringbone also make ideal autumn wedding suits. The patterns are bold enough to add a textural element but calm enough to serve as a base upon which to layer. For patterned suits, it is best to stick to a charcoal or brown. This will showcase the pattern without being overwhelming. You should be mindful of the pattern size, especially if you are doing it for an overall suit rather than just a jacket.  You want something that doesn’t overpower you, or makes you look larger than you are.

The Shirt

Your shirt choice is entirely dependent upon your suit choice. You can never go wrong with a white shirt. White works with everything and leaves you more room to play with accessories. If you do choose a colored or patterned shirt, go with something in a muted tone that complements your suit and accessories. While not necessary, having a shirt with french cuffs adds an extra level of dapper style allowing you to accessorize with cufflinks.

Lapel Flower

In Six best lapel flower street style looksautumn, your fresh flower selection is likely to be limited, so it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of some of Dapper’s flower lapel pins. Although any of our pins make great accent pieces, for autumn we recommend pieces from our Leigh, Poppy, and Tegan collections. The lapel pins also allow you to pick the color of the stickpin—gold or silver—allowing for consistency across your metals and jewelry.

These collections feature pins in deep muted colors and rich textures. In autumn, as with any other season, your color choices should reflect the organic colors of the season. Colors should also evoke the opposite of the temperature. In autumn and winter warm colors combat the chilly weather.


Detail of Marigold Lapel Flower for MenThe Leigh collection was inspired by the playfulness of children playing in the leaves.  The loopy design, with a slight sheen, adds texture and depth to your lapel while the colors are designed to add warmth to your wardrobe. The medium size of the pin keeps the loopy design fun and unique without being gaudy. The Leigh Marigold Lapel Flower is reminiscent of the changing fall leaves while the cream is the perfect accent to any formal attire.


detail of burgundy felt men's lapel flowerOur Poppy collection also draws upon the autumn color pallet, but it is its texture that is inherently autumnal. The Poppy pins are made out of felt that gives them a wooly look that pairs perfectly with warm fall fabrics. The Poppy Burgundy Lapel Flower is the perfect addition to any fall wardrobe.  The marsala color and wooly texture scream fall and reference the red leaves on the trees.


Detail of green men's lapel flower on silver pinSimilar to the Leigh collection, our Tegan lapel flowers have a slight sheen in the fabric to add depth to your wardrobe.  All of the colors were designed to reference the colors found in nature during the change of seasons.  The Brown lapel flower, while not an obvious choice as an addition to a jacket or blazer, is in fact one of the best fall accessories.  The yellow undertones of the brown allow this lapel flower to be worn alongside any combination of colors, especially those found in a great tweed blazer.


four, ties, pattern, solid, plaid, prince of wales

If you choose a solid colored suit, feel free to add a patterned tie. Here again, plaid and Herringbone are recommended. If you’re donning a patterned suit, it’s easiest to stick to a solid tie such as our Solid Slim Rust Tie. Complementary patterned ties are also an excellent option, but you have to be sure that the two won’t compete for attention.

Three patterns, jacket, shirt, tie, stripes, The key here is to be very blatant about the pattern difference.  Try choosing a small and a large harringbone to pair together rather than those in a similar size.   If your tie and suit are the same color or pattern it will make you look dated and like you tried way too hard. Pattern clashing is a bold move, so be bold about it!

Bow Ties

Bowties Collage

Bow ties are great accessories for autumn weddings. They manage to be rustic while remaining inherently classy. They are a particularly good choice if you do not intend to wear a suit jacket, however we recommend keeping it on unless you’re hitting the dance floor with your sharp moves.

Bow ties pair seamlessly with suspenders or waistcoats and are a great way to elevate any ensemble.  In the last few years, bow ties have made a resurgence within the style community, so finding them in fall tones and textures is easier than ever.  They are available in both pre-tied and self tie options.  Pre-tied bow ties should be worn with caution and we recommend buying them if they are in fabrics other than silk or cotton.  Knit bow ties look great in the cooler months but can be bulky around the neck; which is why we’ve designed a series of pre-tied options.

A Casual Affair

navy suit, brown cardigan, pocket square, tie,

For more casual weddings, don’t hesitate to remove or substitute an element. Ditch the jacket and pair your favorite shirt with a set of suspenders. Substitute the traditional tie with a fun bow tie. If it’s an outdoor wedding on a particularly chilly day, try a cardigan in place of a waist coat; it will keep you warm without detracting from your ensemble.  Be sure to check with the bride and groom or the wedding invitation for how casual the event is.  And remember, it is never a bad thing to be over dressed!

One Last Thing…

There are a lot of accessories that are not mentioned in these guidelines, that does not mean that you should not wear them to your autumn wedding. We at Dapper Lapel encourage accessorizing from pocket squares to cufflinks. The surest way to look your best is to play around with all different pieces. Fashion is supposed to be fun so don’t hesitate to try a wole bunch of combinations before choosing your final ensemble.


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