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Building Accessories: Part 1

Four Ties with Different Tie Bars

Accessories can be scary when first starting out, but they don’t have to be.  Start simple and small before expanding to more items.  Too many accessories can be an overload.  You also want to make sure you wear them correctly.  Even great accessories can’t help a poor wardrobe base.  They bring out the best in your wardrobe when paired together perfectly.

Part 1:

The Basics

Simple Tie and Floral Tie Outfit ExamplesEvery man should own a few simple items. A charcoal grey suit, a black tie, white dress shirt and dark colored socks.  These simple items will get anyone through almost any situation from a wedding to a funeral.  Classic items look great together and can be very formal.  You also have the ability to wear all the pieces separately to create new looks.

When first starting out, we recommend adding patterned ties and building from there.  When you switch out your classic solid colored tie for a fun pattern or a bold solid color, you’re showing diversity.  All you need to worry about is if it clashes with your suit.  If you aren’t wearing any other accessories, the tie stands on its own and draws the eye towards your face.  Just make sure you tie it correctly!  Try wearing a fun tie without a suit or jacket.  You will look casual yet have an air of sophistication.  You can go from wearing simple striped ties to knits and patterned wools.  There are endless possibilities when picking out your new tie.  Don’t be afraid to get festive for the holiday season either! Spruce up those dinners and parties with a fun tie (note: festive, not comical / cartoon).  You can also go glitzy and add a tie with some sparkle to set you apart on New Years Eve.

Examples Of 4 ties with Navy Suit

Starting to Build Your Collection

Two examples of a man wearing Tie BarsOnce you’ve mastered wearing more extravagant ties, we suggest adding a tie bar.  They can add a dash of elegance to any simple outfit.  Whether you’re wearing a full suit or just a jacket and tie, they look great.  Tie bars are for style and function.  They keep your tie in place on a windy day by securely attaching it to your shirt.  They also help keep your tie in place when you’re eating.  One of the worst things is to have your tie fall into your food when you’re eating. Or even worse, having to tuck your it into your shirt!

Avoid staining your ties, tucking them in your shirt, or blowing around and invest in a great tie bar.  Such a small accessory but it can really take your wardrobe to the next level.  Just like ties, they come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and designs.  Start with a simple silver or gold and go from there.

We love looking at tie bars at vintage and thrift shops.  In these stores you can find some great, funky, designs not found today. Keep an eye on the length of your tie bar in relation to the width of your tie.  Read Bespoke Unit’s article on how to correctly wear a tie bar, here.Four Ties with Different Tie Bars

What To Look Forward To:Four Looks with Vintage Tie Bars

In Part 2 we’ll focus on adding bow ties and pocket squares.  We will continue putting together combinations to take your outfits to the next level.  See what we’ve already paired together with our Dapper Combos.  We continue to take your outfit from good to extraordinary with accessories while teaching you how to wear them.

Final Thoughts

Remember to start with a good base wardrobe.  Accessories can look like overkill when the rest of the outfit doesn’t stand well on its own.  Get a good fitting suit.  Have a tailor work their magic if things don’t fit properly.  Make sure jackets fit in the shoulders and pants around the waist.  Sleeve and pant length can all be modified.  If you’re new to wearing suits and jackets, remember to start with the basics.  You don’t have to just pair your tie with white shirts and navy jackets.  Play with textures and patterns when picking out your wardrobes.  You can always add to an outstanding wardrobe.  As always with fashion, don’t be afraid to break the rules.  Wear what you like and are comfortable with.

Continue on to Part Two.

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