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Spring 2016 Palette

Spring 2016 Colors Pantone


Spring 2016 Colors Pantone

Pantone Colors

Every year Pantone Color Institute releases its Color Reports for the spring and fall seasons. The Fashion Color Report for Spring 2016 is dictated by the most popular colors on the runway. Pantone’s Executive Director, Leatrice Eiseman, said of this season’s palette, “Colors this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves. With our culture still surrounded by so much uncertainty, we are continuing to yearn for those softer shades that offer a sense of calm and relaxation.”

Eiseman’s words really capture the essence of Spring’s top ten.  This season’s colors are inherently playful and upbeat. The organic essence of each shade allows for a multitude of tonal depth and makes distinctly different shades entirely cohesive. Better yet, every color is unisex which means that, male or female, you can integrate them into your wardrobe and wedding in a plethora of ways. 

Pantone says that the colors were heavily influenced by artists like Matisse, Picasso, and Sam Falls. This influence is evident in some of the report’s bolder shades and the paradox of dichotomy and balance between each color.

In this post, we have provided the list as well as some commentary on the colors and ways to utilize them in your spring wedding. We have also picked a product from our collection that closely resembles each color from the report. In the upcoming months we will be writing about each color more in depth, so just consider this an overview.

Rose Quartz Pantone Spring 2016 Colors Blush Pink

Rose Quartz is a variation of the blush tones common at spring weddings. It is delicate but bright, making it the perfect complement to bold hues or metallics. It also pairs well with other muted colors and is a great way to brighten up base tones. Rose quartz is ideal for table settings, bouquets and bridesmaid dresses.

Dapper Collection’s Rose Quartz Selection: Solid Slim Dusty Rose Tie

Evocative of champagne while embracing blush tones, the Solid Slim Dusty Rose Tie is the perfect complement to navy suits and black tuxes. It pairs especially well with our Leigh Blue and Marilyn Pink lapel pins.

Dusty Rose Slim Fit Tie

Peach EchoPantone Spring 2016 Color Peach Echo

Peach Echo really embraces the floral elements of spring. The color is a little darker and more saturated than Rose Quartz. Peach Echo manages to be peach without being pastel. It is a versatile color that is bold enough to be an accent and subdued enough to be a base. It pairs well with virtually every color on the list.

Dapper Collection’s Peach Echo Selection: Marilyn Pink Lapel Flower

The Marilyn Pink Lapel Flower is a made of a light fabric that moves as freely as the spring breeze. Its unique shape in conjunction with the luscious color makes it the perfect statement piece for any suit or tux.

Marilyn Pink Fabric Lapel Pin

SerenityPantone Spring 2016 Colors Serenity Blue

As the name suggests, Serenity is a pale blue that evokes peace and calm. Reminiscent of a periwinkle, Serenity emphasizes the freedom of open spaces while embracing the comfort of closeness. It is a muted and mature tone that lends itself to accessories and bridesmaid dresses.

Dapper Collection’s Serenity Selection: Emilia Blue Sheen Lapel Flower & Cufflinks 

The Emilia Blue Sheen Lapel Flower and Cufflinks bring a peaceful element to what can be a very stressful day. Worn together, the two make a great set. Apart, they bring a little serenity to any moment.

Rose Blue Sheen Lapel Pin & Cufflinks

Snorkel Blue Pantone 2016 Spring Colors Blue

Snorkel Blue is navy’s playful cousin. With its vibrant undertones and cobalt influence, Snorkel Blue pairs nicely with bright spring tones like Buttercup and sea tones like the coral-esque Peach Echo. Again, Snorkel Blue is perfect for bridesmaid dresses and wedding décor.

Dapper Collection’s Snorkel Blue Selection: Leigh Blue Lapel Flower 

The Leigh Blue Lapel Flower is the perfect shape for Snorkel Blue. The design is one of our most fun and the fabric adds a new textural element. It looks great with our Mocha Sheen Cufflinks.

Blue Fun Lapel Pin Fun Design

ButtercupPantone Spring 2016 Colors Yellow

Buttercup is the sunniest of spring’s shades. The quintessential yellow that embraces spring and ushers in summer, Buttercup brightens up any occasion and complements virtually every color on the list. Be careful, Buttercup is made for florals and accents, but can easily get overwhelming in high doses.

Dapper Collection’s Buttercup Selection: Bethany Marigold Lapel Flower 

The Bethany Marigold Lapel Flower is just the right dose of this bold shade. The felt fabric is reminiscent of the fuzziness of bees’ heads and makes this pin an ideal way to mirror natural textures.

Marigold Felt Lapel Pin Detail Side by Side

Limpet ShellPantone Spring 2016 Colors Blue

Limpet Shell is the more demure relative of turquois making it ideal for weddings. It livens up the mellowest of colors without being as loud as Fiesta or Buttercup. Limpet Shell is not as organic as some of the other colors on the list, so it’s best to keep it out of the bouquet and save it for accessories.

Dapper Collection’s Limpet Shell Selection: Emilia Teal (Sheen) Lapel Flower & Cufflinks 

Just like the traditional boutonniere, Emilia Teal Sheen Lapel Flowerss and Cufflinks are roses. This enables you to get the floral you want in a color that you may not otherwise be able to find. Not to mention  the sheen finish really makes the Limpet Shell pop!

Resin Rose Teal Lapel Pin & Cufflinks

Lilac GrayPantone Spring 2016 Colors Lilac Gray

Lilac Gray is one of the most elegant spring colors and looks amazing with Rose Quartz. The lilac undertones elevate this gray from boring to dynamic. It is a nice departure from the pale violet that normally dominates the wedding scene and is perfect for the couple who aims to be both classic and original.

Dapper Collection’s Lilac Gray Selection: Emilia Blue Grey (Matte) Lapel Flower & Cufflinks

While the undertones in the Emilia Blue Grey (Matte) Lapel Flower and Cufflinks are blue as opposed to lilac, they give the gray the depth that it needs to shine at your wedding.

Rose Blue Grey Matte Resin Lapel Pin & Cufflinks


Fiesta Pantone Spring 2016 Colors Fiesta Red

Reminiscent of the setting sun, Fiesta is one of spring’s brightest colors. The fiery blend of red and yellow is perfect for the fiercest of couples and ideal for boutonnieres, bridesmaids and bouquets. Keep in mind that Fiesta is a bold shade, so pair it with monochromatic, analogous, or complementary colors.

Dapper Collection’s Fiesta Selection: Bethany Hot Pink Lapel Flower 

The Bethany Hot Pink Lapel Flower is inspired by the hydrangeas that are abundant in the spring and summer seasons. Wearing this pin on your wedding day is a great way to infuse nature into your special occasion.

Felt Hot Pink Lapel Flower & Detail

Iced CoffeePantone Spring 2016 Colors Iced Coffee

The earthiest of all of Pantone’s colors, Iced Coffee is the perfect base tone for the spring season. Brown tones exude warmth, but finding a brown for your wedding that isn’t beige or chocolate can be difficult. Iced Coffee is both organic and glamorous. It’s perfect for invitations, ties, and waistcoats.

Dapper Collection’s Iced Coffee Selection: Emilia Mocha Sheen Lapel Flower & Cufflinks

While the Emilia Mocha Sheen Lapel Flower and Cufflinks are a little more orange than Iced Coffee, they emit the same earthy warmth. Plus, the orange undertones add a delicacy that’s lacking in Iced Coffee.

Rose Mocha Sheen Lapel Pin & Cufflinks

Green FlashPantone Spring 2016 Color Green Flash

Green Flash is a subdued yellow green that is playful and mature. Green Flash manages to be to embrace the green in floral stems and leaves while separating itself from forest green and emerald. It is a good “land” to Snorkel Blue’s “sea.”

Dapper Collection’s Green Flash Selection: Emilia Jade (Matte) Lapel Flower & Cufflinks

Emilia Jade (Matte) Lapel Flowers and Cufflinks are the ideal pair for any groomsman. This particular shade of green livens up an ensemble without overpowering it.

Emilia Rose Matte Lapel Pin & Cufflinks

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